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Poems Ago

We are Juliana Hahn and Remco Jacobs. Together we form the Irish/Dutch duo Poems Ago. We put Irish poetry to music. Although the name suggests otherwise, Poems Ago perform songs inspired by earlier poetry composed by the likes of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce as well as poetry created by modern-day poets. We compose the music together and get inspired by the syntax, imagery, style and the form of each poem.

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Remco Jacobs

Remco Jacobs was born in Arnhem, the Netherlands. He moved to Utrecht to study Musician 3.0 at the conservatory of Utrecht. The 3.0  is a music course similar to Fine Art where the focus lies on creating original work and artistic development.  After his bachelor’s he did a master specialising in composition under the tutorage of Belgium composer Jeroen D’hoe. Remco is active as singer-songwriter under the name Kinsmit playing live concerts and releasing studio albums with original material. In 2019 he started a community space for musicians and artists in a historic wharf cellar in the center of Utrecht called Touchstone. This has grown into a blooming cultural hub with an international network attracting artists from all over the globe to perform, compose or record in the intimate setting of the wharf cellar.


Juliana Hahn

Juliana Hahn was born and raised in Dublin. She moved to the Netherlands to study classical piano at the conservatory of Amsterdam. After finishing her bachelor’s, she did a master in music education following the Kodály method at Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Juliana is both active as a music educator and as a creating artist playing in several band projects and live ensembles. In 2021 and 2022 she was part of the Sounds of Change program which focuses on creating music with refugee children. She is currently living in Amsterdam.

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